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Adam Millard Returns


Adam Millard returns to headline 42 Worcester’s Litfest & Fringe event in June. Adam is the author of twenty novels, ten novellas, and more than a hundred short stories, which can be found in various collections and anthologies. Probably best known for his post-apocalyptic fiction, Adam also writes fantasy/horror for children. He created the character Peter Crombie, Teenage Zombie just so he had something decent to read to his son at bedtime. Adam also writes Bizarro fiction for several publishers, who enjoy his tales of flesh-eating clown-beetles and rabies-infected derrieres so much that they keep printing them. His “Dead” series has recently been the filling in a Stephen King/Bram Stoker sandwich on Amazon’s bestsellers chart. Adam writes and edits for UK horror website This Is Horror, whose columnists include BC Furtney, Simon Bestwick and Simon Marshall-Jones.

The acclaimed horror writer will be supported by a number of “42 Regulars” and Andrew Owens will host the event. It will take place at Drummonds in Worcester on June 17th 2015. Doors open at 7:00pm for a 7:30pm start.

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One Year On

A year ago today, Portraits of Prose was published and released for sale on Amazon and Kindle. Portraits of Prose is a collection of compelling short stories, each with the power to draw you in and leave a lasting impression. Each tale is concise, unique and well sustained and there is sincerity and feeling in every word. Whether it be the emotionally driven ’30 Seconds’, the intense and disturbing ‘Sinister Justice’ or the touching and tender ‘Like Mother, Like Daughter’, there is something for everyone in this book. With their lovely easy to read style, these insightful stories engage the reader from the first paragraph to the last.

Andrew Owens’ collection of 32 short stories was compiled and published by Black Pear Press. This month’s ‘Story of the Month’ features one of the stories from this collection ‘No Strings Attached’.

“The stories contained within are rich and diverse, a wide range of short stories in multiple genres and highly entertaining and evocative throughout, ranging from the dark and twisted to light and humorous. Always engaging, this collection is a valuable addition to any library of all who enjoy reading, and I highly commend this book to everyone.” – Amazon review

“Delightfully impish” – Glenn James co-founder of 42 Worcester (‘No Strings Attached’)

“Concise, atmospheric, and with three twists, it engaged and was pretty much a case study in how to get it right” – Gary Longden behind the arras (‘Bootleg to Paris’)

“Memorable, witty and highly amusing” – Fergus McGonigal Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2014 (‘Between Friends’)

“A creepy story with a very surprising twist in the tail” – Jill King Worcester Writers’ Circle (‘While We Were Out’)

PoP Front Cover

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