Scriptwriting: Raising Your Profile

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So, you’ve written a few scripts. You’ve read a few examples from the works of other writers and now know the format. What now? Time to raise your profile.

Finding a job in the industry is a lot harder than you think. More than 70% of the jobs out there are not advertised. You need to be in the know to be in the know. Get what I mean? Confusing isn’t it. Well, to get a job in the industry you have to make people aware of who you are. You have to get your name known so that the people in the right places take notice of you or at least pass your name onto someone who is.

So, how do I do this, one might ask? Networking is your first port of call. Gain contacts, share ideas, find work experience, promote your work and get your name known. Those contacts can range from family and friends, to previous employers, to former students you knew back in the good old days. If you haven’t got one already, start setting up a social media account. Find out the names of agents and other professionals and follow them on Twitter. Set up a Facebook page to promote yourself as a writer. Create a blog to showcase examples of your work. Join Linkedin, create a portfolio, gain the contacts you seek and open the door to the opportunities available to you. It won’t be easy, but if you put in the work and do the research you will gain insight into the industry and make your presence known. Once you’ve got your foot in the door, other opportunities will come your way. Make a start now or do you actually like working under that sexist, uneducated, self-centred, bully that only got a position in management because they licked the ass of the sexist, uneducated, self-centred, bully ahead of them? Didn’t think so.

Here is a list of some helpful sites that might give you the push you need to make that dream of becoming a successful scriptwriter a reality. Good luck!


About andrewowenswriter

Andrew Owens was born and raised in Canada but has lived in Worcester for the past fifteen years. He is a member of the Worcester Writer's Circle and is a performer of spoken word at various venues in the West Midlands.

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