The Second Instalment!

TAT EP2 YouTube thumb

Tomorrow at 6pm GMT, the second episode of a seven part series called Thick As Thieves will air on YouTube. The exciting new web series based on Grand Theft Auto V online stars Adam Weavers and Catherine McRae and was written and directed by Andrew Owens. The episode will also feature the voice talent of Alessia Dal Fara.

Episode Two, A Bold Disguise, sees Arthur and Karen teaming up once more in an attempt to execute another audacious plot. This time the stakes are higher and so is the pay-out, but in order to pull off the ultimate heist the pair will have to make a few preparations beforehand. Their task, steal a prison bus schedule right from under the law’s nose, but the task proves to be harder than either of them had anticipated as Karen’s murderous shadow intervenes.

The third episode, The Third Man, will air on Thursday August 4th with successive episodes to follow every two weeks thereafter. To insure that you never miss an episode, click on this link and subscribe to CLAMSO Productions.

About andrewowenswriter

Andrew Owens was born and raised in Canada but has lived in Worcester for the past fifteen years. He is a member of the Worcester Writer's Circle and is a performer of spoken word at various venues in the West Midlands.

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